Hormones & Nails - Part 1


by Christine Quinn

Many women and nail technicians are unaware of the effect hormones can have on nails. “A change in hormones can cause nails to become drier, more porous or even brittle. And this will absolutely make a difference on how products will adhere,” says Doug Schoon (scientific nail guru and author of nail education books worldwide).

Say you have a client and you have had no problems at all over the past 6 months, then all of a sudden nails are coming off left right and center. You try everything and no matter what she keeps losing nails.

Of course, naturally, for most technicians, we will first question ourselves, was it something I did? Was I not watching her close enough while we were prepping and she was maybe touching her nails? This is a very common problem that can really take its toll on the confidence of a new nail technician. While some of these may be true, FEAR NOT our fellow nail friends! We have some answers to your questions!

Estrogen is the hormone that regularly fluctuates monthly for younger women. This hormone is also responsible for regulating the body’s water composition. So once our estrogen level drops, our body will become dehydrated and naturally that will affect fingernails. Have you ever noticed how some clients or maybe even yourself where the corner edge of your nails will curl away from your nail enhancement after a week or two? BINGO (by no means is the ONLY cause of this, but it is a top contender of this problem). There is the start of your lifting problem! Of course, one would have to see a doctor to help with balancing estrogen levels, but there is are things that you or your clients can do to help! Drink more water, and use cuticle oil twice daily, morning and evening. No ands, if's or buts ladies! Cuticle oil is specifically formulated for nails, so it will help keep moisture in, and using lotion 10x daily just doesn’t cut it.

Another issue to look at, that has a direct result in how healthy your nails are is your Thyroid. DUN, DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN

This is the center in the body that regulates hormones. If you have a client and her Thyroid is not functioning correctly you will absolutely notice these issues in her nails, however, according to Doug Schoon, it won’t be right when the problem starts, you will start noticing it months later. If you just can’t figure it out, you may have to stop the nail services for the time being and have her visit a doctor.

As the professional, you always want to keep a mental note of what you are doing or what your client is doing during prep. If she is touching her nails, phone or anything else <insert face palm> when you are prepping you need to inform your client why she should not be touching her nails. Or you can do what I do with my ladies who can’t seem to stop touching their nails, even AFTER I have repeatedly advised them not too. Just prep one hand at a time, and once you have that base coat on, advise them to put their hand in the light and leave it there until I need it.

I know, I know, I too have clients that say “I drink tons of water, and I use cuticle oil all the time, how can this be happening?” Well, my only suggestion from there is, go see a doctor because something else may be going on. We can’t be calling every client who has ever had issues with their nails every night to remind them to use their cuticle oil and drink plenty of water, at some point our clients need to take some responsibility. Nails never just pop off, there is always some reasoning behind it.

Stay tuned for part 2! 

Sources:Nails Magazine

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