Creating The Perfect French Fade

French Fade

If you ask any of our ambassadors they will say that creating the perfect french fade with JamGel is quicker and easier! Why?  With JamGel you can create a french fade is fewer steps than required with a traditional gel nail system, there is now layering needed! Here are some pro tips to get you well on your way to creating the perfect french fade:

  1. Start with a thin foundation, if its a fill, remove almost all existing product.  For a new set build a very thin extension first.
  2. Use less product than you usually would to not add too much bulk and avoid unwanted excessive filing.
  3. Balance your nail with 1/3 white, 2/3 pink. This is the ration that looks most aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Use a wider brush, like an acrylic brush for easy blending.
  5. Start with Peace, Love and Music, and fade down from the tip to approximately half of the nail, then cure. 
  6. Then apply Let The Beat Drop near the cuticle, blending up over the whole nail. Remove any excess from the tip.
  7. File with any preferred tool, the product does not shadow.

JamGel Creating the Perfect French Fade

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