Acry-Gel Hacks

With any nail system, there are tricks or hacks to make your life easier when working with the product.  Here we review some acry-gel hacks that you shouldn't live without.


Do store your tubes upright, especially if you didn't invest in the JamGel HotLips, getting every last bit of your acry-gel out much be mush easier, we promise! 

Properly prep the nail, this is across the board for any nail system and is no different for acry-gel or polygel nails.  Make sure you are getting rid of all of the cuticles on the nail bed. Be sure to check our our how to video on nail prep.

Use the proper base coat, our Turn Up the Base Coat has the perfect amount of acidity to allow for optimal bonding.  We suggest for better bonding, use a small amount of Turn Up The Base Coat, then use an old brush to press the product into the nail bed, similar to using a primer. Less is more! 

When first starting out with an acry-gel that is in a tube, start with a smaller bead until you get the hang of the size you need for the length that you are after.  This will help to minimize product waste in the beginning. 

If you are applying a colour that has a lot of pigment, do a double cure to both side to ensure that the nail is fully cured. 

If you want to add some 3D art just mix a little bit of acrylic powder to your acry-gel to get a thicker consistency to create beautiful art.

Don't be afraid to mix your acry-gel colours to experiment to get custom colours.  To mix your colours us the back of a nail form and mix the colours by folding them together to minimize bubbles.  Once the colours are fully combined, transfer the new acry-gel colour to a small container and allow it to sit for 24 hours prior to applying it. 

Lastly, remember JamGel is all about the party, so make sure that you are loving your art and always have fun creating beautiful nails!



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